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6.0.14 (Mod)
AZ Screen Recorder: Versatile Android app for seamless screen recording, editing, live streaming, with superior quality and intuitive interface.
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October 11, 2023
6.0.14 (Mod)
Android 5.0+
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In the digital age, the ability to capture and record what’s happening on our screens has become increasingly important. Whether it’s for creating tutorials, sharing gameplay moments, or documenting important information, screen recording apps have become indispensable tools for Android users. One such prominent application is AZ Screen Recorder, renowned for its feature-rich functionality and user-friendly interface.

Understanding AZ Screen Recorder: A Deep Dive into Features and Functionality

Overview of AZ Screen Recorder

Introduction to AZ Screen Recorder and its significance in the realm of Android screen recording.
A brief overview of its key features and capabilities.

Features at a Glance

Detailed exploration of the features offered by AZ Screen Recorder, including:
Screen recording capabilities without the need for rooting.
Customizable settings for video output quality, resolution, and frame rates.
Inclusion of internal audio recording and microphone support.
Facecam functionality for adding reactions to videos.
Ability to pause and resume recordings seamlessly.

Advanced Recording Options

Delving deeper into the advanced recording options provided by AZ Screen Recorder:
Control methods such as floating windows and notification bars.
Gesture-based controls for starting, pausing, and resuming recordings.
Drawing feature for adding graphical elements during recordings.
Wi-Fi sharing capabilities for efficient file sharing.

Editing Capabilities

Exploring the built-in video editor within AZ Screen Recorder:
Trimming, merging, and cropping video clips.
Adding effects, subtitles, and background music to enhance videos.
Conversion of videos to GIF format.

Live Streaming Functionality

Understanding how AZ Screen Recorder facilitates live streaming:
Integration with platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.
Customization options for stream quality and Facecam inclusion.

Compatibility and Usage Scenarios

Guidance on the compatibility of AZ Screen Recorder with different Android versions and devices.
Illustration of various usage scenarios, including gaming, tutorials, and content creation.
The Importance and Benefits of AZ Screen Recorder

Enhancing Productivity and Creativity

Discussing how AZ Screen Recorder empowers users to capture and share their digital experiences.
Illustrating its role in productivity, education, and creative content creation.
Professional Quality Output

Highlighting the superior video and audio quality provided by AZ Screen Recorder.
Emphasizing its role in producing professional-grade content for diverse purposes.
Unrestricted Recording Flexibility

Underlining the significance of unlimited recording time and its impact on user experience.
Demonstrating how uninterrupted recording sessions enable seamless content creation and sharing.
Conclusion: Empowering Users with AZ Screen Recorder

How to Play:

Download and Install AZ Screen Recorder:

Go to the Google Play Store on your Android device.
In the search bar, type “AZ Screen Recorder” and press Enter.
From the search results, select the AZ Screen Recorder app developed by Hecorat.
Tap on the “Install” button to download and install the app onto your device.
Once the installation is complete, tap on the “Open” button to launch the AZ Screen Recorder app.

Grant Necessary Permissions:

Upon opening the app for the first time, you may be prompted to grant certain permissions.
These permissions typically include access to your device’s storage, microphone, and screen recording functions.
Follow the on-screen instructions to grant the necessary permissions to AZ Screen Recorder.

Configure Settings (Optional):

Before starting your first recording, you may want to customize the app’s settings according to your preferences.
Open the AZ Screen Recorder app and navigate to the settings menu.
Here, you can adjust various settings such as video resolution, frame rate, bit rate, and audio recording preferences.
You can also enable or disable features like Facecam, countdown timer, and touch gestures.

Start Recording:

Once you’ve configured the settings to your liking, you’re ready to start recording.
To initiate a screen recording, open the app and tap on the “Record” button.
A countdown timer may appear, depending on your settings, before the recording begins.
You can perform any actions on your device while the recording is in progress.

Pause and Resume Recording (Optional):

If you need to pause the recording at any point, you can do so by tapping on the pause button within the AZ Screen Recorder interface.
To resume the recording, simply tap on the resume button.

Stop Recording:

When you’re finished recording, tap on the stop button within the AZ Screen Recorder interface.
Your recorded video will be saved to your device’s storage automatically.

Access Recorded Videos:

To access your recorded videos, open the AZ Screen Recorder app and navigate to the “Recordings” section.
Here, you’ll find a list of all your recorded videos, which you can view, edit, or share as needed.

Edit and Share Videos (Optional):

If desired, you can edit your recorded videos directly within the AZ Screen Recorder app.
Select a video from the recordings list and choose the editing options you’d like to apply.
Once you’re satisfied with the edits, you can share the video directly from the app to various social media platforms or messaging apps.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is AZ Screen Recorder Free?

Yes, AZ Screen Recorder is available as a free application on the Google Play Store. However, there is also a premium version available for purchase, which offers additional features such as ad removal and enhanced functionality.

What Are the System Requirements for AZ Screen Recorder?

AZ Screen Recorder requires Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher to run. Ensure that your device meets these minimum system requirements for optimal performance.

Does AZ Screen Recorder Have a Time Limit for Recording?

No, AZ Screen Recorder does not impose any time restrictions on recordings. You can record videos for as long as you like, subject only to the available storage space on your device.

Can AZ Screen Recorder Record Audio Along with Video?

Yes, AZ Screen Recorder can record both audio and video simultaneously. You have the option to record internal audio from your device or include audio from an external microphone, providing flexibility in your recording setup.

What Resolutions Does AZ Screen Recorder Support?

AZ Screen Recorder supports various resolutions, including 1080p (Full HD) and resolutions below 720p. You can choose the desired resolution based on your preferences and device capabilities.

Gameplay and Video Calls?

Can AZ Screen Recorder Record GAZ Screen Recorder is suitable for recording gameplay, tutorials, demonstrations, and other on-screen activities. However, it does not support recording video calls due to limitations imposed by Google on accessing device resources simultaneously.

How Do I Access Recorded Videos in AZ Screen Recorder?

Recorded videos are automatically saved to your device’s storage. You can access them within the AZ Screen Recorder app by navigating to the “Recordings” section. From there, you can view, edit, or share your recorded videos as needed.

Does AZ Screen Recorder Offer Editing Features?

Yes, AZ Screen Recorder includes a built-in video editor that allows you to trim, merge, crop, and add effects, subtitles, background music, and more to your recorded videos. These editing tools provide flexibility in refining your recordings before sharing them.

Can I Livestream with AZ Screen Recorder?

Yes, AZ Screen Recorder offers live streaming functionality, allowing you to stream your screen to platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and more. You can customize stream settings and include Facecam for interactive broadcasts.

Is AZ Screen Recorder Safe to Use?

Yes, AZ Screen Recorder is a reputable application with millions of downloads and positive user reviews. It is developed by Hecorat, a trusted developer known for producing quality Android applications. However, as with any app, it’s essential to download it from official sources like the Google Play Store to ensure safety and security.


AZ Screen Recorder stands as a versatile and powerful tool for Android users seeking to capture, record, and share their digital experiences. With its comprehensive feature set, intuitive interface, and superior recording quality, AZ Screen Recorder has become a go-to solution for a wide range of purposes, from creating tutorials and gameplay videos to sharing important information and live streaming events.

The application’s ability to record both video and audio, along with its support for various resolutions and frame rates, ensures flexibility and compatibility with different recording scenarios and device capabilities. Furthermore, its inclusion of advanced features such as Facecam, gesture-based controls, and live streaming functionality enhances the overall user experience and opens up new possibilities for content creation and sharing.

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