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Ivy Draw Premium: Vector-based drawing app with powerful tools for creating high-quality designs, illustrations, and artwork seamlessly.
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April 20, 2021
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In the realm of digital artistry, having access to a versatile drawing application is essential for unleashing one’s creativity. Ivy Draw Premium APK emerges as a powerful tool catering to the needs of both amateur enthusiasts and professional designers. This article delves deep into the features, functionality, and user experience of Ivy Draw Premium APK, providing a comprehensive review for aspiring artists and seasoned creators alike.

Understanding Ivy Draw Premium: A Vector-Based Drawing Application

Ivy Draw Premium APK distinguishes itself as a vector-based drawing application, offering users the ability to create high-quality vector drawings and designs. Unlike pixel-based images, vector graphics maintain their crispness and scalability regardless of size, making them ideal for various purposes ranging from digital illustrations to logo designs.

Features Overview

  • Ivy Draw Premium APK boasts an array of features designed to streamline the drawing process and empower users to unleash their imagination. Below is a detailed overview of its key features:
  • Export as SVG: The application allows users to export their creations in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format, ensuring compatibility and versatility for web usage and print media.
  • Unlimited Layers: With the premium version, users gain access to unlimited layers, facilitating complex compositions and enhancing organization within the workspace.
  • Locking and Grouping: Users can lock objects to prevent accidental edits and group multiple elements together for efficient manipulation and organization.
  • Import Drawing: Ivy Draw Premium enables users to import previously saved drawings, fostering seamless integration and continuity in creative projects.
  • Multicolored Gradients: The application offers advanced gradient options, allowing users to create intricate multicolored gradients with up to 20 colors, enhancing visual depth and sophistication in designs.
  • Advanced Color Picking: Unlocking the advanced color picker grants users precise control over color selection, with options to choose colors by RGB, HSV, or Hex values, catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.
  • Grid Tool: Ivy Draw Premium features a customizable grid with object snap-to-grid and rotation snap functionality, facilitating precise alignment and composition.
  • Stamp Tool: The stamp tool enables users to effortlessly apply predefined shapes and text with a single tap, offering convenience and efficiency in design workflows.
  • Object Properties Dialog: Users can directly manipulate an object’s size, position, and rotation through the object properties dialog, streamlining the editing process and enhancing workflow efficiency.
  • Dash Patterns: Customizable dash patterns empower users to design unique dashed lines and outlines, adding stylistic flair to their compositions.
  • Ad-Free Experience: The premium version of Ivy Draw eliminates advertisements, ensuring an uninterrupted creative experience devoid of distractions.

User Interface and Experience

Ivy Draw Premium APK features a touch-optimized user interface, enhancing usability and accessibility for users across different devices. The pinch-to-zoom and panning gestures facilitate effortless navigation and precision control, while the multi-selection functionality enables users to manipulate multiple objects simultaneously with ease. Additionally, the inclusion of finger view provides real-time feedback, enhancing precision and accuracy during drawing tasks.

Tools and Functionality

The application offers a diverse range of tools and functionalities tailored to meet the needs of artists and designers. From the shape tool for creating geometric forms to the text tool for adding textual elements, Ivy Draw Premium provides a comprehensive toolkit for creative expression. Moreover, the path tool empowers users to draw custom shapes and arrows with precision, while the layers feature facilitates organization and management of complex compositions.

Premium Upgrade Experience

The seamless in-app upgrade to the premium version unlocks a plethora of advanced features and functionalities, elevating the drawing experience to new heights. Users gain access to enhanced export options, expanded gradient capabilities, and advanced color picking tools, among other premium-exclusive features. Furthermore, the removal of advertisements ensures a distraction-free environment, allowing users to focus solely on their creative endeavors.

Performance and Stability

Ivy Draw Premium APK demonstrates commendable performance and stability, with smooth rendering and responsive interaction across various devices. The application’s robust architecture ensures reliability and efficiency, enabling users to work on projects of varying complexity without experiencing lag or technical issues.

Community and Support

The Ivy Draw community provides a supportive environment for artists and designers to share their creations, exchange ideas, and seek inspiration. Additionally, the availability of comprehensive documentation and responsive customer support further enhances the user experience, ensuring that users receive timely assistance and guidance whenever needed.

How to play:

Getting Started with Ivy Draw Premium

Understanding the Interface

Explore the touch-optimized user interface of Ivy Draw Premium, including pinch-to-zoom and panning functionalities.
Learn how to select objects easily and perform multi-selection operations for efficient editing.
Familiarize yourself with the finger view feature, which provides a preview window while dragging objects.

Setting Up Sizes and Units

Discover the flexibility of Ivy Draw Premium in supporting various measurement units such as centimeters, millimeters, inches, and points.
Explore common page sizes and learn how to define custom dimensions for your drawings.

Essential Tools and Actions

Shape Tool

Master the use of the Shape Tool to create geometric shapes, icons, and custom designs.
Learn about customization options such as adjusting the number of points for stars and converting shapes to editable paths.

Text Tool

Utilize the Text Tool to add textual elements to your designs, choosing from a variety of included fonts or importing custom ones.
Experiment with text styling options, including bold, italic, underline, and alignment settings.

Path Tool

Harness the power of the Path Tool to draw custom shapes and intricate designs using straight lines and Bezier curves.
Explore features like automatic curve fitting and freehand mode for precise control over your creations.


Learn essential actions such as undo and redo, move, resize, rotate, and alignment to streamline your workflow.
Discover advanced functionalities like copying and pasting, flipping, and ordering objects within your drawings

Advanced Features and Premium Upgrades

xport as SVG

Unlock the full potential of Ivy Draw Premium by exporting your drawings in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format.
Explore the benefits of SVG for web usage and scalability without loss of quality.

Unlimited Layers and Locking/Grouping

Upgrade to Ivy Draw Premium to access unlimited layers, allowing for complex compositions and organization of elements.
Learn how to lock objects to prevent accidental editing and group multiple objects for easier manipulation.

Multicolored Gradients and Advanced Color Picking

Delve into the world of advanced color options with multicolored gradients and precise color selection using RGB, HSV, or Hex values.
Experiment with creating unique gradient effects and custom color schemes to enhance your designs.

Grid and Stamp Tools

Take advantage of the Grid Tool for precise alignment and snapping of objects, improving overall design accuracy.
Explore the Stamp Tool to easily add predefined shapes and text to your drawings with a single tap, including options for random sizes and rotations.

Enhancing Your Workflow

Importing Drawings

Learn how to import previously saved Ivy Draw drawings into your current projects, facilitating collaboration and reuse of assets.
Explore strategies for organizing and managing imported content within your drawings.

Object Properties and Dash Patterns

Utilize the Object Properties dialog to directly manipulate an object’s size, position, and rotation for fine-tuning your designs.
Experiment with custom dash patterns to create visually appealing dashed lines and outlines for your illustrations.

Ad-Free Experience

Enjoy an uninterrupted creative process by upgrading to Ivy Draw Premium and removing all advertising from the application.
Explore the benefits of a clutter-free interface for focused and immersive drawing sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Ivy Draw Premium?

Ivy Draw Premium is a vector-based drawing application designed for creating high-quality vector drawings and designs. It offers a wide range of tools and features to facilitate the drawing process, including shape creation, text manipulation, and advanced color selection.

What can I create with Ivy Draw Premium?

Ivy Draw Premium enables users to create a variety of digital artworks, including illustrations, posters, cartoons, logos, diagrams, and more. The application provides the flexibility to design and customize artwork according to individual preferences and requirements.

What are the key features of Ivy Draw Premium?

Some of the key features of Ivy Draw Premium include:
Exporting drawings as SVG files
Unlimited layers for organizing artwork
Locking and grouping of objects
Multicolored gradients and advanced color picking
Grid tool for precise alignment
Stamp tool for adding predefined shapes and text
Removal of ads for an uninterrupted drawing experience

How do I download Ivy Draw Premium?

To download Ivy Draw Premium, you can visit the appropriate app store for your device (e.g., Google Play Store for Android devices) and search for “Ivy Draw Premium.” Once located, simply follow the instructions to download and install the application onto your device.

Is Ivy Draw Premium available for iOS devices?

As of the latest information available, Ivy Draw Premium is primarily available for Android devices. However, users are encouraged to check the respective app store for any updates or changes regarding compatibility with iOS devices.

How do I upgrade to Ivy Draw Premium?

Users can seamlessly upgrade to Ivy Draw Premium within the application itself. Simply navigate to the premium features section and follow the prompts to unlock additional features and remove ads. Payment options may vary depending on your region and device.

Is there a free version of Ivy Draw available?

Yes, there is a free version of Ivy Draw available for users who wish to explore its basic features and functionalities. However, the free version may include advertisements and have limitations on access to premium features such as exporting as SVG and unlimited layers.

What devices are compatible with Ivy Draw Premium?

Ivy Draw Premium is compatible with Android devices supporting API version 16 and above. Users are advised to check the system requirements and compatibility information provided on the app store before downloading the application.


Ivy Draw Premium emerges as a versatile and powerful tool for artists, designers, and creatives seeking to unleash their creativity through vector-based drawing. With its intuitive interface, comprehensive set of features, and seamless user experience, Ivy Draw Premium offers a dynamic platform for bringing digital artworks to life.

Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the myriad capabilities of Ivy Draw Premium, from basic shape creation to advanced color selection and gradient effects. The application’s premium features, including exporting as SVG, unlimited layers, and ad-free experience, further enhance the drawing process, providing users with the tools they need to realize their artistic vision.

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