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PUBG Mobile Beta offers early access to game updates, modes, and features, allowing players to experience innovations before others.
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PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) Mobile Beta offers players an exclusive sneak peek into the latest features before they hit the stable version. While sacrificing some stability is expected, the thrill of experiencing new game modes and updates makes it worthwhile. PUBG MOBILE BETA offers players an exclusive glimpse into the latest features before the official release, though at the cost of some stability. Engage in a thrilling 100-person Battle Royale, explore diverse game modes, and test upcoming content. This review covers key updates, new additions, and improvements introduced in the latest version, focusing on gameplay enhancements, security measures, and the highly anticipated Frozen Kingdom themed mode.

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Gameplay and Modes

Engage in a 100-player Battle Royale, gathering resources and weapons to survive in shrinking maps. PUBG Mobile Beta introduces various modes, including team deathmatch, zombie hordes, and vehicle-centric gameplay. The beta provides a diverse gaming experience with features not yet available in the stable version.

Customization and Graphics

Tailor your gaming experience by adjusting graphic details and control settings based on your smartphone’s capabilities. The flexibility to customize controls for different scenarios enhances gameplay, ensuring optimal performance on varying devices.

Latest Updates and Features

Explore the new Frozen Kingdom themed mode with a Snowy Village, Snow Rail, and a unique Snowball Blaster weapon. Engage in missions, discover adorable Snow Toddlers, and unlock a range of vehicles, including a Snowboard and Reindeer. The addition of the Snow Blast Zone adds an extra layer of strategy to battles.

Themed Area and Weapons

The Snowy Village introduces a captivating new environment with themed architecture and landscapes. The Snowball Blaster, a versatile weapon, adds exciting gameplay elements such as creating cover, turning opponents into Snowpals, and freezing water surfaces.

New Vehicles and Exclusive December Easter Egg

Discover unique vehicles like the Snowboard and Reindeer, offering dynamic mobility across terrains. Unveil surprises with the December Easter Egg, including a magical Sleigh and Flying Reindeer, adding a fantastical element to the gameplay.

WOW Feature Updates and Editor Improvements

Explore new gameplay devices, enhanced character experience, and significant improvements to gameplay devices. The introduction of Frost Festival decorative objects, castle prefabs, and PMGC-related elements enriches the customization options for creators.

Map Templates and Beta Creation Gameplay Overview

Dive into new map templates like Hide and Seek, Snowy Village, Battle Isle, and Zombie Station. The Beta Creation Gameplay Overview introduces exciting features like Sky Control, Gold Rush, Bazooka Parkour, Snowboard Descent, and Flying Reindeer Circuit.

Firearm Updates, Vehicle Adjustments, and Custom Garage

Stay informed about the Designated Marksman Rifle Full-Auto Mod Expansion, vehicle adjustments, and the addition of Custom Garages. The inclusion of Metro Royale updates, Classic Mode improvements, and creation mode enhancements provide a comprehensive view of the game’s evolution.

Popularity Annual Gala and Team Popularity Battle Event

Participate in the 2023 Popularity Annual Gala, showcasing an upgraded Popularity Battle event with exclusive rewards. Explore the Team Popularity Battle Event, fostering team camaraderie with Nickname Badges and custom text options.

All-Talent Championship S15 and PMGC 2023

Delve into the rewards of All-Talent Championship S15, including the Battleground Gladiator Set and Vivid Voyager Cover. Experience the PMGC 2023 spectacle with themed elements across Erangel and Spawn Island.

System Improvements and Security Enhancements

Understand the new dynamic matchmaking option, hidden UI mode, and improvements in the Add Friend page. Enhanced security measures combat cheating, prohibited transactions, and account security concerns.

New Content and Beta Improvements

Explore the enhanced Beta Match Environment, basic experience improvements, and key content updates. The review details character improvements, bolt-action sniper rifle enhancements, and innovative vehicle improvements.

Beta Gameplay Overview

Immerse yourself in various game modes like the 4-on-4 team deathmatch, zombie battles, and vehicle-centric challenges in the PUBG MOBILE BETA. Customizable graphics settings and controls add flexibility, allowing players to tailor their experience based on device capabilities. The game continuously introduces fresh content, providing an exciting environment for players seeking cutting-edge features.

Frozen Kingdom Theme

Explore the Snowy Village, a new themed area in the Frozen Kingdom update. Ride the Snow Rail and utilize the Snowball Blaster—a new weapon with unique features. Engage in the Search for Snow Toddlers mission, uncovering surprises in the Snowy Village. The introduction of the Snowboard and Reindeer vehicles adds a dynamic element to the gameplay, complemented by the Snow Blast Zone’s strategic challenges.

Co-Create Space and Editor Improvements

Discover the Co-Create Space, a hub for accessing WOW-related information, strategies, and events. Editor Improvements bring new gameplay devices, enhancements, and tools for creators. From character EXP devices to PvE enemy spawns, the editor evolves with improved interaction and feedback features, allowing creators to refine their content further.

Classic Mode Updates and New Map Templates

Classic Mode sees improvements in default melee weapons, SFX adjustments, and the introduction of new map templates like Hide and Seek and Snowy Village. These additions offer players diverse gaming experiences. The Popularity Annual Gala and All-Talent Championship introduce competitive elements, bringing intensity to battles and fostering a sense of achievement.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Early Access to New Features: Players get the chance to experience the latest advancements and innovations in the game before the global release. This allows them to be among the first to explore new content and improvements.
  • Variety of Game Modes: The Beta version often introduces additional game modes, such as team deathmatch, zombie mode, and vehicle-focused modes, providing players with a diverse gaming experience not immediately available in the standard version.
  • Customization Options: Players can adjust graphical settings and customize controls according to their preferences, enhancing the overall gaming experience. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for players with different Android device capabilities.
  • Communication Features: In team-based gameplay, the ability to communicate with teammates through the device’s microphone enhances coordination, making it easier to strategize and cooperate during matches.
  • Early Access to Updates: Players in the Beta version are the first to receive updates and patches, allowing them to test and provide feedback on new features and improvements before the wider player base.


  • Potential Stability Issues: As a testing phase, the Beta version may suffer from bugs, errors, or crashes that could affect the overall stability of the game. Players may experience disruptions or unexpected issues during gameplay.
  • Lower Level of Polish: The Beta version might lack the polish and refinement of the final release. Graphics, performance, and overall user experience may not be as smooth or optimized as in the standard version.
  • Limited Player Base: The Beta version attracts a smaller player base compared to the standard version. This can result in longer matchmaking times and less diverse opponents, affecting the overall competitiveness of the gaming experience.
  • Risk of Data Loss: Beta versions may not be as secure as the standard release, and there’s a potential risk of data loss or account issues. Players should be aware that progress made in the Beta version might not carry over to the standard version.
  • Not Suitable for Casual Players: Due to potential stability issues and the testing nature of the Beta version, it may not be the best choice for casual players seeking a smooth and reliable gaming experience without potential disruptions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is PUBG MOBILE BETA, and how does it differ from the official version?

PUBG MOBILE BETA offers a sneak peek at upcoming features before the official release, providing early access to new content. However, players may experience reduced stability due to the beta nature of the version.

What are the minimum requirements to play BETA PUBG MOBILE?

BETA PUBG MOBILE requires Android 4.3 or higher and a minimum of 2 GB RAM. Players with less than 1 GB RAM can opt for PUBG Mobile Lite.

Can BETA PUBG MOBILE be played on a PC?

Yes, BETA PUBG MOBILE can be played on a PC by installing the APK through an emulator, with several options available on Uptodown.

How do I install BETA PUBG MOBILE on my Android device?

To install BETA PUBG MOBILE, download the APK from the Uptodown store. Upon acceptance, the game will be installed on your device.

What are the key updates in the Frozen Kingdom themed mode?

The Frozen Kingdom introduces a Snowy Village, Snow Rail, Snowball Blaster weapon, Search for Snow Toddlers mission, and unique vehicles like the Snowboard and Reindeer.
Tell me about the Co-Create Space and Editor Improvements in the latest update.

What’s new in the Classic Mode Updates and New Map Templates?

Classic Mode sees improvements in default melee weapons, SFX adjustments, and introduces new map templates like Hide and Seek and Snowy Village.

How can I participate in the Popularity Annual Gala and All-Talent Championship?

Players can register for the Popularity Annual Gala within the specified period and engage in battles to gain Popularity. The All-Talent Championship involves participating in battles to earn points and climb the ladder.


The PUBG MOBILE BETA continues to captivate players with its innovative updates. The Frozen Kingdom theme introduces exciting gameplay elements, while the Co-Create Space and Editor Improvements empower creators. Classic Mode receives refreshing updates, and the Popularity Annual Gala and All-Talent Championship elevate the competitive aspect. The commitment to security, diverse gameplay, and creative opportunities reinforces PUBG MOBILE’s status as a leading mobile gaming platform, promising a thrilling experience for players worldwide.



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