Is EspacioAPK a safe website?

Analysis powered by VirusTotal

We use VirusTotal, an online service that allows us to quickly check more than 65 antivirus databases.

If VirusTotal detects an alert, should you be worried? Well, it depends on the context. In general, there’s no need to panic immediately.

VirusTotal works by scanning files using a vast network of over 65 antivirus databases. Ideally, we’d expect all of these databases to confirm that a file is safe. However, sometimes a file might trigger one or two alerts. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the file contains a virus.

Many times, these alerts are what we call ‘false positives’. They can occur for various reasons, such as the sensitivity of some antivirus programs or updates in their detection algorithms.

However, it’s worth paying attention if multiple alerts come from reputable and well-known antivirus programs.

Do false positives exist?

Absolutely. False positives are a real phenomenon in the realm of computer security, especially when using services like VirusTotal. Since it compares files against a wide range of antivirus programs, it’s not uncommon to encounter alerts.

A classic example is Facebook Lite. Despite receiving an alert from TrendMicro for TROJ_GEN, Facebook Lite is widely recognized as safe and is used by millions worldwide.

At EspacioAPK, our primary commitment is to the security of our community.

We prioritize ensuring that every file undergoes thorough security analyses.

However, our dedication to security extends beyond automated checks. We also engage in local verification processes. This entails personally reviewing each application and game to guarantee not only their security but also to ensure that they function correctly and as intended. We believe in going the extra mile to provide our community with a reliable and secure experience, ensuring that every download from EspacioAPK meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

Could the file be potentially harmful?

It’s understandable if you’re curious about why the Google Chrome message appears, warning that “this file may be harmful.” Allow us to clarify what this message signifies.

Firstly, it’s important to note that this message does not explicitly state that the file contains a virus. Instead, it serves as a precautionary alert when downloading any application from an external source. The phrase “may be harmful” indicates a possibility, rather than a certainty.

This message originates from Google Chrome, which is not an antivirus program. Its purpose is to prevent users from unintentionally installing potentially risky APK files from unknown sources. Without this warning, users might inadvertently download files that could pose security risks upon installation.

In essence, this message simply informs users that they are downloading something from an external source and prompts them to consider the potential risks before proceeding with the download.

As EspacioAPK continues to gain popularity, we’ve observed several sites attempting to mimic our platform, even going as far as copying our name. To ensure that you always access authentic and secure content, we strongly recommend visiting only our official site This precaution will help safeguard your online experience and protect you from potential security threats.

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Please rest assured that on our website, we have no intention of causing harm to your device. Our goal is always to provide the best content possible.

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