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Pixelcut Pro APK: AI-powered photo editor & graphic design tool with background remover, templates, reel creator, and more.
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March 23, 2023
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In today’s digital age, visual content plays a crucial role in capturing attention and conveying messages effectively. With the proliferation of social media and online platforms, individuals and businesses alike are constantly seeking tools to enhance their images and graphics. Pixelcut Pro APK emerges as a comprehensive solution, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate photo editing and graphic design tasks effortlessly.

Background Removal:

Simplifying the process of background removal, Pixelcut Pro APK enables users to seamlessly extract subjects from their images with a single tap. This feature streamlines workflow, saving users valuable time and effort.

Background Replacement

Beyond mere removal, Pixelcut Pro APK empowers users to replace backgrounds with ease. Offering a diverse library of backgrounds, users can experiment with different settings to achieve desired visual effects.

Magic Eraser:

Introducing the innovative ‘Magic Eraser’ tool, Pixelcut Pro APK allows users to swiftly eliminate unwanted elements from their photos. By leveraging AI capabilities, this feature ensures precise editing results, enhancing the overall quality of images.

Shadow and Lighting Adjustment:

Pixelcut Pro APK provides users with intuitive controls for adjusting shadows and lighting in their photos. By fine-tuning these elements, users can create dramatic and realistic visual compositions, adding depth and dimension to their images.

AI Photo Shoot:

With the ‘AI Photo Shoot’ functionality, Pixelcut Pro APK facilitates the generation of product photos for e-commerce purposes. This feature utilizes AI algorithms to produce high-quality images, catering to the specific requirements of online businesses.

AI Avatars:

Pixelcut Pro APK offers a unique ‘AI Avatars’ feature, enabling users to create personalized avatars for their online profiles. Leveraging advanced AI technology, users can generate a diverse range of avatars effortlessly, enhancing their digital presence.

Reel Maker:

Simplifying video creation, Pixelcut Pro APK includes a ‘Reel Maker’ tool for producing engaging content. With customizable templates and intuitive editing features, users can create dynamic videos to captivate their audience across various social media platforms.

Collage Creation:

Pixelcut Pro APK facilitates the creation of captivating collages from users’ photos. Featuring a variety of layout options and design templates, this tool allows users to showcase their images in visually appealing compositions.

Text Styles and Templates:

With a plethora of text styles and templates, Pixelcut Pro APK offers endless creative possibilities for users. Whether designing promotional materials or social media posts, users can access a wide range of pre-designed elements to enhance their visuals.

AI Art Generation:

Pixelcut Pro APK introduces AI-driven art generation capabilities, enabling users to transform text into unique visual representations. By harnessing the power of AI algorithms, users can unleash their creativity and explore novel approaches to graphic design.


Introduction to Pixelcut Pro APK

Pixelcut Pro APK stands as a revolutionary all-in-one tool for photo editing and graphic design, leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to empower users with unprecedented creative capabilities. This comprehensive application offers a plethora of features tailored to streamline the photo editing and design process, enabling users to effortlessly enhance visual quality, craft captivating designs, and elevate their brand presence. From background removal to AI-generated content creation, Pixelcut Pro APK redefines the boundaries of mobile photo editing and graphic design.

Feature Highlights:

Background Remover

With Pixelcut Pro’s advanced background remover feature, users can effortlessly eliminate backgrounds from their images with a single tap. This intuitive tool ensures precise cropping and removal, providing users with clean, transparent backgrounds ideal for product displays, social media posts, and more.

Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser tool offers users the ability to seamlessly remove unwanted elements from their images, facilitating quick and easy image cleanup. Leveraging AI-driven algorithms, Pixelcut Pro’s Magic Eraser delivers impeccable results, empowering users to achieve flawless edits with minimal effort.

AI Photoshoot

Pixelcut Pro’s AI Photoshoot feature revolutionizes product photography by enabling users to generate stunning product photos within seconds. Leveraging AI technology, users can effortlessly create captivating product images tailored to their eCommerce needs, enhancing visual appeal and driving engagement.

AI Avatars

With Pixelcut Pro, users can create personalized AI avatars with ease. Offering a library of over 100 unique AI avatars, this feature enables users to effortlessly customize their online profile photos, enhancing brand identity and online presence.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Pixelcut Pro APK?

Pixelcut Pro APK is an advanced photo editing and graphic design application that integrates artificial intelligence to assist users in creating visually stunning images and designs quickly and efficiently.

What are the key features of Pixelcut Pro APK?

Background Remover: Instantly remove backgrounds from photos with precision.
Magic Eraser: Effortlessly eliminate unwanted elements from images.
AI Photoshoot: Generate product photos for eCommerce stores in seconds.
AI Avatars: Create unique AI avatars for online profiles.
Magic Writer: Generate product descriptions, hashtags, and captions using AI.
AI Art: Create unique images using AI-generated artwork.
Reel Creator: Easily create videos for businesses.
Collages: Create beautiful collages from photos with various layouts.
White and Colored Backgrounds: Customize backgrounds to enhance visual appeal.
Templates: Access thousands of templates designed for shopping and community use.
Shadows: Control shadows to enhance the realism of product images.

How does Pixelcut Pro APK’s background remover work?

The background remover feature utilizes AI technology to precisely crop out backgrounds from images stored in the device’s gallery or captured using the built-in camera. Users can adjust settings according to their preferences for optimal results.

Can Pixelcut Pro APK change backgrounds?

Yes, Pixelcut Pro APK offers the functionality to swap out backgrounds with ease. Users can choose from a vast library of pre-loaded backgrounds or use their images to customize the background of their photos.

What is the “Magic Eraser” feature in Pixelcut Pro APK?

The Magic Eraser feature allows users to quickly and effortlessly remove unwanted elements from their images. Users can highlight the portions they want to edit out using their fingers, and the app’s AI technology processes the photos to produce high-quality results.

How does Pixelcut Pro APK help adjust photo shadows and lighting?

Pixelcut Pro APK provides intuitive tools for adjusting shadows and lighting in images, enhancing their dramatic effect and realism. Users can easily manipulate shadow settings to achieve desired effects and improve the overall quality of their photos.

Can Pixelcut Pro APK be used to create reel videos?

Yes, Pixelcut Pro APK includes a reel creator feature that enables users to create engaging videos for businesses. Users can choose from various templates and layouts, import photos and videos, arrange them accordingly, and share the reels across different media platforms.

Is Pixelcut Pro APK suitable for professional use?

Yes, Pixelcut Pro APK offers a wide range of advanced features and tools that cater to professional photo editing and graphic design needs. Its integration of AI technology ensures efficiency and precision in creating high-quality visuals.


Pixelcut Pro APK stands out as a comprehensive and advanced tool for photo editing and graphic design, seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence to enhance user experience and productivity. With its array of features including background remover, magic eraser, AI photoshoot, AI avatars, magic writer, AI art, reel creator, collages, customizable backgrounds, templates, and shadow adjustments, Pixelcut Pro offers users the ability to create stunning visuals with ease.

The background remover and magic eraser features streamline the process of removing unwanted elements from images, while the AI-driven functions ensure precision and efficiency. Users can also customize backgrounds, adjust shadows, and manipulate lighting to achieve desired effects, enhancing the overall quality and realism of their photos.

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